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"King Lewman ROCKS!!!!!!" - MaximaWSE from YouTube

"King Lewman: A wonderful folk rock vocally based group with a nice husband wife blend of alto and tenor. Their harmonies held up even under the less than optimal singing conditions of such a club, and it was good to see an alto voice out in front for a change. Marvelous Marv Egolf pumped away deftly to provide his usual foundational bass while the mighty drums of Tony "Thor" Hammer thundered through the modern day mead hall (yes, I know this is terribly cliché, but with that handle I just couldn't resist), and the 2 electric guitar players (Kim King and Courtenay Moon II) added some well-nuanced color. Of course I loved that they had Teporah fill in on piano as she's a favorite of mine. It's nice to hear her in a band formation for once as I usually only hear her as a soloist (next static chain event is 3/7 at Tyson's and Tepi will be there as a soloist- check her out).

Their set included Warm Blanket, She Gave me Something (the cut off the static chain cd sampler vol 2 which has the baddest groove on the whole cd!), Coming Home (a ballad of overdue reuniting where Kristan's voice resonated like a sigh of relief), Poplar Street, Going Somewhere, Blood Money, and After We're Gone/Don't Cry, Baby (a piano driven angst begun by Tepi with some searing guitar licks by Kim and Courtenay interspersed between Kristan's haunting lyrics. It weighed in heavy until Lance's acoustic guitar resolved it into a llulaby, and the band's four part harmonies transformed it into an empathic answer to the existential questions posed....)...Whoooa... maybe I shouldn't write these things so late at night...getting a little metaphysical on myself...but nonetheless, a very good job. Long live the King! (yes, another cliché, but at least I stopped the philosophical dribble...)"
- from the UUFallston blog about the SONAR show in Baltimore

"I really enjoyed the evening and loved your music.  Hope we'll do it again soon!" - Jim Clark, manager of the Top of the World, World Trade Center, Baltimore, about an Open Door Cafe concert in Bel Air, MD

"I enjoyed you guys very much the other week! There were some really touching songs in your set." - Woody Lissauer regarding the KING LEWMAN performance at SONAR, Baltimore

“What a great sound! The lyrics are good, the vocals and harmony blend very pleasantly, and the guitar’s right on, but the thing that gets me about this song, being primarily a bass player myself, is the groove! The drums and bass are just in the pocket and not about to get out for the whole song- nothing flashy, as the best grooves never are, but it just smokes!  My hat’s off to the rhythm section on this one! Put this in a good stereo system and crank it up, and you'll see what I mean. Bassist Marv has been up to our coffee house once, and I hope he comes back and lays down some more grooves like this one!” - Doc at UU Fallston Concerts about She Gave Me Something, KING LEWMAN’s song included on the Static Chain 2007 Baltimore’s Best Bands of 2007

“Nice music you got there!” - David Andrew Smith

“Great sound. Very unique to the norm we have on here.” - Jason McKay, Static Chain

"Terrific original band of the 70's music era- These guys are great! If you love music in its heyday - back in the 70's - when you followed artists because they had a voice and knew how to write a memorable melody, then check out this band. They cover a wide range of styles, but there's one consistent great music! Keep an eye on these guys. They're on their way up!” - CD Universe: Submitted by sbradley725 (Washington, DC)

“Hey Neighbors!  I like your music, that's cool that you are a family group, as well. I play with my sister when I can, but she plays a different style.  All the best!” - Woody Lissauer, producer, musician

“You have some nice tunes here. Good luck with 'em.” - LJ Montgomery

“GAWD!  Coming Home is beautiful...I'd love to play some keys on that with you sometime... Beautiful tunes!” - Teporah, keyboardist, songwriter

“So what ever did happen to the caterer? Good sounds!” - Dave Eske, guitarist, songwriter

“Lance, it's great to see that you have 911 for everybody to listen to on MySpace. I've always loved that song.” - Dan Junk, guitarist, bassist, saxophonist, flutist, mandolin

"hey all- good job friday night at Sonar despite the technical difficulties! the mix got steadily better as your set went on- p.s. i'm going to write a little review of the show-" - MarkBaby, StaticChain

"Great set on Friday! Thanks for playing with us. Looking forward to seeing you play again." - Jason McKay, StaticChain, regarding the Baltimore SONAR show

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